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Welcome to Malvern Saddlery!

Some of you may know us as your local saddlery and source for everything quality in equestrian fashion, saddlery and gifts.Others may have visited with us at Devon or other shows or even at our website. But, we we may be new to others, so we are very excited to start the conversation and tell you a little bit about us and in the coming months share our thoughts about the horse world, new products and brands and news about our sponsored riders and partners.

First and foremost, we are horseman, founder Jill Apfelbaum has been involved with horse sports as a rider, competitor and breeder most of her life.  Twenty years ago she turned those passions and knowledge towards creating Malvern Saddlery.  She sees herself as an integral part of each of her client’s horse endeavors.  At Malvern Saddlery we believe looking and feeling your best is an important part of the equation for both your horses and your selves.

Malvern Saddlery emphasizes quality in everything we provide to our clients but we also want to talk about what really sets us apart.  That is our knowledge of and respect for the traditions in the equestrian world with a quest for the latest innovations. Finally we have clothing for riders recognizing them as athletes with the need for comfort and stretch. it is almost impossible to believe that it took until now to have washable competition clothing . All of this has evolved not only in the technology but in a way that allows a rider to create so many fabulous looks from a fashion stand point while still remaining true to the traditions of the sport.

Now that the needs of the rider are at the forefront, Samshield has developed a very technical helmet that affords the highest safety standards while giving riders the ability to remove and wash the lining which has been a long standing issue. The helmet has been embraced by most of our top riders for those features. As a part of the total look that we pride ourselves in coordinating for our clients we customize these great helmets to mirror the colors and textures of their entire look. The helmet has now gone beyond safety gear and is very much a fashion statement.


Working very closely with our partner  Franco Tucci in the finest custom and ready to wear boots we complete the top to bottom coordination of quality and distinction. We work very closely with Equiline and Sarm Hippique, both fine Italian designers for year round collections of show coats, breeches and sportswear to send our riders into the ring feeling very polished and ready for a victory lap!


For several years now our riders have become increasingly conscious about their constant exposure to the sun and the potential dangers that come with that. This has spurred another evolution and that of course is the sunshirt. You can’t miss seeing the riders and trainers at all levels in all disciplines who have latched on to this great concept in a comfortable half zip shirt with tremendous wicking capability that offers full sun protection and ventilation at the same time. Here too, no compromise on your fashion options, we work with Kastel Denmark who offers a wide range of sophisticated colors,  always adding to their palette and lots of great novelty options for our gals that need a little ‘bling’!


So good luck to all of you as the show season is in full swing! We will be at Devon the next two weeks during the Brandywine Valley Summer Series Shows. Please stop by and say hello!

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