Quality Matters..


Galway International HT, Galway

Tucci Dressage Boot, worn by Matt Brown.

The business of horse showing  versus the tradition of the sport,  has become very fast paced and all-encompassing. George Morris in a reflective article he did for the Chronicle perhaps 3 or 4 years ago in looking at the past vs. present, remarked how horse showing used to be 20% of how we spent our time with our horses. The remainder of the time was spent in preparing and training.What we see now is a rush to the competition ring while skipping the most essential building blocks that separates a ‘rider’ from a’ horseman.’  I feel very strongly that in order to regain our presence as an International force in this sport we need to call on and reward the leadership of our top trainers whose agenda is to bring out the best in the up and coming talent we have and inspire them to seek only excellence in everything they set out to do.

At Malvern we want to encourage  leadership for the next generation to have both self-respect and respect for this sport and the privilege they have to be a part of it.  This is why “Quality Matters”

We believe that presentation and quality of  horsemanship and horses matters. This is why we are now helping to sponsor  three individuals for whom we have the highest regards. Who beyond their talent have shown a true commitment to their disciplines and a desire to raise the bar and set an example that will make a difference . These are our people to watch for the future and we are very excited to be a part of their journey.

matt brown

Matt Brown, is sponsored by Malvern and also by Tucci and is a top event rider from California who exemplifies the definition of a true horseman in every possible sense. He is 100% invested in his responsibility for bringing out the best in any horse he rides and knows what it takes to achieve that ultimate partnership which keeps him at the top of the game. There is never a compromise for any horse, their well-being supersedes any personal ambition. Refer to the blog he wrote picked up by the Chronicle, also on our Facebook page ‘”Pushing Snowballs Uphill.”

Taylor and WIlbur Devon2015

Taylor is wearing all Equiline with a Samshield Helmet  and rides in a Equipe Carbon Tree Jumper Saddle.

Taylor Flury, we have known Taylor and her wonderful family for 15 years. It has been a joy watching a talented young rider blossom into a savvy horsewoman who has dedicated herself to the development of a remarkable breeding program for top young horses in the United States all of which she starts herself and brings them out to be top young jumpers with a great foundation  both on the ground and in the show place. We delighted in watching Taylor and her sister Allison come to Devon this year from Illinois with   three 5-year-old stallions and a great 5-year-old mare, all a product of her program and lay down the only clear rounds in the Five Year Old jumpers. Her jump crew is all family and everyone pitches in to do all of the work ,
This summer Taylor has qualified two of her young horses to compete for the World 5-year-old Championships in Europe and we wish her all the best!  Taylor understands the need for top horses bred in this country, trained in the American style of riding and developed for the amateur jumper riders who are the biggest growing segment in horse showing today.
caitlyn bink

Caitlyn wears Equiline showcoats and Charles Owen Helmet and Tucci boots  and also rides in the Equipe Carbon tree jumper saddle.

Last but not least, we are so proud of a very young rider, at 14 years old Caitlyn Connors  who we dressed  not so long ago  while showing her ponies. She has made a huge commitment to her training with the backing of her family. She travels three hours a  day after school to train at Market Street with Anne Kursinski. Caitlyn is shown no mercy for her  young age as she has immersed herself in a very demanding program with aspirations to one day reach some of the goals that her great coach has come to know. She understands the discipline and hard work and is thriving under Ann’s tutelage.  One of the mottos I have always lived by is  in order to achieve excellence you must seek it and surround yourself by it every opportunity you have.This young lady has done that very thing and it is paying off as she grows into a fine young horseman with a great future. Caitlyn will be competing this summer at The Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North (NAJYRC) in Lexington, KY.

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