Because Helmets Matter!


Malvern Saddlery is pleased to be participating in International Helmet Awareness Day on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.  Retailers and Helmet manufacturers from around the world are joining on this day to build awareness, educate and create opportunities for riders to learn and purchase a new helmet while enjoying a discount as well.

We invite you to stop by and use this occasion as your  “once a year check up time” for your helmet.
We believe your riding helmet is the most important piece of riding equipment that you own. You may have lots of great fashion options today to make your own statement and create  a great ensemble  but at the end of the day we are most concerned that you are properly fitted and safe!

Charles Owen AYR8 Piped
Charles Owen AYR8 Piped

With that said on August 1st, for National Helmet Awareness day we will be happy to check the fit of your existing helmet for you at no charge.  If you have not purchased a new helmet in three or more years, it is overdue. Nothing is forever and helmets lose their ability to protect you as the shell ultimately breaks down over time from heat and usage. It may look just fine but in reality it will not perform for you as intended after three years of use. If you follow motorcycle helmet guidelines at all, they suggest that those are replaced annually for the same reason.
All of our helmet manufacturers are fully behind this important day and are offering  discounts on your helmets if purchased on August 1st.

GPA Speed Air Helmet
GPA Speed Air Helmet

We are here for you and ready to get you properly fitted and just happen to have a little edge on the fashion angle to make it a great time!

Samshield Floral
Samshield Floral

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