The latest technology ….. creates the ultimate comfort and protection for your horse

equick bootsinvictuspad

Malvern Saddlery is pleased to introduce two great new products that utilize new technology to accomplish age old goals of finding lightweight and comfortable equipment to help horses feel and perform better. Through the use of new innovative materials and design both companies have evolved traditional products into new versions suited for today’s tougher competitions.


Traditional horse boots were made of leather with a soft lining but often they did not flex well enough with the horse’s motion or were heavy.  In addition, the leather would wear and was sometimes difficult to clean.Over the years many attempts have been made to create a tough boot that would also provide needed support and comfort. The modern answer: The Equick boot by Equisani, an Italian company, whose patented efluid impact technology and beautiful design combine to create a horse boot years ahead of its time.  These boots feature patented shock absorbing liquid gel technology that makes for advanced protection. anatomically fitted design, an easy hook/velcro closure system, 6mm neoprene lining, free flexion soft edges and a tough TPU reinforced shell.


We all know keeping our horses’ backs comfortable while maintaining close contact with him is an ongoing challenge. Traditionally, no pad or a thin baby pad was used and then later thicker full pads were introduced.  The half pad came along and allowed a closer contact with the rider’s legs along the horse’s sides but often was still too thick and heavy on the the horse’s back.  The Answer:  The Invictus pad, designed and made by Invictus Equestrian from Germany. The pad that outperforms all other protective pads – at only 1.1cm (0.43”) slim. Their 6mm D3O® protective layer contains an exclusive patented technology: Intelligent reactive molecules move together on impact/pressure and form a targeted barrier against impact and pressure points. A high-tech 3D spacer textile delivers effective heat and moisture management. In tests these pads have proven to reduce impact up to 230%.  In essence, Invictus is the ultimate protective pad: a ‘barely there’ layer, packed with the latest technology to eliminate pressure points.

Both these new products will be available at Malvern Saddlery during the Devon Classic so please stop by to see them in person.  Also on our website at

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